Introducing Verizon One Talk

Installation FAQ

Pre-Installation Inspection Specs – We will…
  • Test bandwidth speed to ensure your IT connection will support the One Talk phone system
  • Check that there is an available power source for each user’s phone
  • Check that there is an Ethernet port for each user’s phone (unless using Medium Wi-Fi phones)
    • If using Medium Wi-Fi phones, we’ll check signal strength at each Wi-Fi phone location
  • Check/adjust firewall setting/ports to allow VoIP behind the firewall
  • Answer any questions you might have about your upcoming installation
  • Find the ideal location for placement of a business continuity router if you’ve purchased one
  • Provide a quote for your consideration if any additional work is required to enhance your network infrastructure

Standard One Talk On-Site Phone Installation Specs – We will...
  • Unbox and place One Talk phones on the appropriate users’ desks
  • Connect phones to Ethernet ports and desktop PCs
  • Connect and power up phones
  • Test phones by placing an outgoing call
  • Confirm that each user has a One Talk Features card – Customer service information is on the back of each card
  • Instruct each user on how to use basic One Talk features

Router Installation Specs – We will…
  • Find the ideal location for placement of the router
  • Install and configure the router to back up your One Talk phone system and/or network
  • Verify One Talk phones work with the router over the Verizon 4G LTE network
  • Verify LTE is only used when your primary Internet service goes down, unless other specified

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