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SOVA's Verizon One Talk Rebate Guidelines
Congratulations on your Verizon One Talk purchase. The following rebates are available:
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To be eligible to receive a rebate, customer is hereby agreeing to a six (6) month term on Verizon One Talk service. Customer shall receive applicable rebate(s) for each phone that has a unique number attached to it after the activation, installation, and completion of any required port requests.  (Paired desk phones that share a unique number will receive one rebate).  Rebate amount will be refunded to the credit card on file which was used to purchase phone(s). Please allow 4-8 weeks for processing of refund. If terms and conditions are not met, and service is disconnected or discontinued prior to six (6) months, the amount of the rebate will be charged back to the credit card on file. Availability and terms of offer may change without notice.
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